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MidLife Crisis 6.0 “Let’s Do A Podcast!”

I have learned that a mid life crisis is a state of mind more than one defining moment. Turning 40 hit me harder and in different ways then I was prepared for. The 1st sign happened at 38 when my oldest child graduated! I really felt a loss of who I had defined myself as for the past 20 years. I could always count on that I was a wife and mother. Slowly I could see something that I had first and foremost defined myself as was slipping through my fingers. All these kids are going to leave me and then I half lost half of myself. I slowly started drifting into a depression. Not just a I am depressed and want to eat chocolate to feel better. A wow so I haven’t left my house unless required to (because I had to show other moms and wives that I had it all together) in like a month type of depression. But that is another topic for another day.

But Mid Life Crisis 6.0 as I call it is when I texted two friends Cora & Angela and said, “Let’s do a Podcast!” We will talk about the good and bad parts of raising adults and getting older! So this is how Mid Season Moms started. We are like that Mid Season Sale that you wait for, excited to see what deals you will find. We are 40% crazy, which we hope will save you some crazy moments in your future as we share our different views of parenting, marriage, life, and so much more!

Love, Chelsi (Mid Season Mom)